Hi, I'm Kris.

Really, my name is Kristoffer Östlund and I am Swedish. In July, 2014, I founded a software consultancy firm called East Grove Software in which I develop websites and programs for other businesses. Later that year, in September, I fled the country I moved to London to experience something completely new. Additionally, I am also studying Information Technology at university, from which I have grown an interest of blogging.

As most people I have met in real life would agree with, I love coffee. Seriously, coffee is a necessity. I believe my fascination with the brew started somewhere around 2012, which in 2013 grew even stronger as I for a year worked as a certified barista (I even have a diploma on it). Fast forward a few months and I just moved to London, where I to start off had to resort to drinking instant coffee (which feels wrong even writing) due to lack of equipment. I decided to teach myself how to do cold brew coffee, French press coffee, and hot to use a pour over kit. So uhm yeah, I enjoy coffee. Obviously, obviously I got the equipment for each now too.

I do work stuff.

Fresh out of Swedish high school/upper secondary school, I started a one-man B2B software consultancy under the name East Grove Software. This has given me the opportunity to work closely together with clients to develop both in-house and commercial software solutions on their behalf. Before this, I have also worked as a certified barista for one of Sweden's leading coffee shop, serving an array of different coffee drinks to a very varied crowd of people.

Through my company I have worked on projects written in different languages, using different frameworks and on different platforms. For instance, one projected is written in C# and XAML using WPF (using the .NET core, obviously), another one is written in HTML5, SASS and JavaScript, and a third project is written on the MEAN stack but with CoffeeScript for the front-end and SASS for styling.

I also do music.

All throughout my life I have been interested, and invested, in music in some way. Very early on, every one in class were forced to partake in an annual, small musical held by the head teacher. Not soon after that, I began playing the tuba, as that is the only logical step. A couple years later, to my parents', ehrm, joy, I started playing the drums. This led to me starting/joining a band which progressed into to a rather angry sort of metalcore-something band where I played the drums and did vocals. Right before the summer of 2011 we stopped playing.

In September the same year, I got my feet wet with electronic music under the name y67. In 2012, I wrote just above 20 songs, all of which I am super proud of, although they all were lacking in mixing quality. With time came quality and I got more invested in the craft. In 2013 I wrote significantly less songs, but of higher quality. For instance, I released The Akrobat, its sister EP, Popkorn and Kandyfloss and later that year, I released End of Term, which also got ended up on Spotify without the bonus track.

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