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Filtering CollectionViewSource

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I guess this is the first real post on this blog? And really, the first actual post about really anything in a little while for me, since Christmas Eve apparently. This post is about how to filter a CollectionViewSource in WPF using C#.

Recently I decided to refactor parts of the code base I have been working on for the last few months. This software relies heavily on a few ObservableCollection<Person>, where Person is a custom class for this specific project.

One is the main collection, carrying every object available to the user. Another collection is a subset of the first, where every element fulfilled a specific criteria. Each collection is also set as the source for separate CollectionViewSources as DataContext for its own control. In the actual application I also used a third list, but for this example, it really is not of interest.

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Initial Post

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Yet another post pretty much saying hi, again.

In the near future I will put up a post explaining how I built this page, as it seems to be the norm to do so. For me, though, it would mainly be for myself, as I added lots of things I have not been worked with before.

For instance, I have dabbled slightly with Disqus to host comments. Also, this is technically my second project using Jekyll, but it was the first time for me setting everything up, which obviously means some minor issues and other fun stuff. Oh, and visits to StackOverflow.

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Hello, World

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This post is just here to say “Hi!”, as I have not had the time to actually write something yet.

I will write about programming, coffee and other things I find interesting at the time.

But not now.

If you would be interested in what I have written already, you can find it here.

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