Initial Post

Yet another post pretty much saying hi, again.

In the near future I will put up a post explaining how I built this page, as it seems to be the norm to do so. For me, though, it would mainly be for myself, as I added lots of things I have not been worked with before.

For instance, I have dabbled slightly with Disqus to host comments. Also, this is technically my second project using Jekyll, but it was the first time for me setting everything up, which obviously means some minor issues and other fun stuff. Oh, and visits to StackOverflow.

The main reason I yet have not started writing is I just have not had the time to do so. Currently, I am working on two projects with clients in Sweden. One of which being SmartTitler together with WestreamU, and Vilth together with a Swedish start-up with a very long name. Oh, and other than that I also study full time in University, so I have tried spending most of my free time actually seeing other humans!

This will be it for now, thank you for reading.


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